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Daniel Pradilla De Bedout is a Mexican/Colombian award-winning producer, director, and screenwriter with over eleven years of experience in the Film and TV Industry. He has worked, producing and directing, at production companies such as Sony Pictures Television and Fox ETM. 

Daniel won the award for "Best Director" at the 2022 FilmHaus in Berlin.


Daniel wrote, directed, and produced an award-winning short film that works as a Proof of Concept for the feature-length film “Let’s Pretend I’m Talking About You”. This Proof of Concept has been recognized and celebrated around the world, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Currently, Daniel is in charge of the screenplay & development of the feature-length film “Let’s Pretend I’m Talking About You”. Additionally, he is collaborating on the adaptation of the novel “Tiempo Suspendido” (from author Christian Pedemonte del Castillo) into a screenplay and the subsequent miniseries.


Daniel won the Audience Choice Award at the 2022 Hola Mexico Film Festival with his film “Let’s Pretend I’m Talking About You”. Daniel was invited to the festival as part of the Tomorrow's Filmmakers Today program, a unique platform for Latino filmmakers to showcase their talent. The program was sponsored by Warner/HBO, a premier global media and entertainment company.


As a result of the Award, in 2023, Toyota, a Japanese multinational corporation, selected Daniel as the Hispanic artist who would lead the global campaign "Going Places”, delving into the inspiring journey of Daniel as a Hispanic film director.

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